AmiCORE Apheresis System

Precision design to help you

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Ease of Use

AmiCORE’s innovative design streamlines routine operations

  • Fast procedure setup and an intuitive user interface.
  • Large, user-friendly touch screen navigates the operator through the entire collection process.
  • Easy to navigate and troubleshoot—graphics based troubleshooting for smooth alert recovery.
  • Procedure data download via USB—daily, weekly or monthly.
  • Tool-less access for quick and easy routine maintenance.
  • SmartRoute guided kit installation simplifies kit-loading.
  • AmiCORE’s centrifuge is optimally positioned to streamline loading and unloading.
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Platelet Additive Solution

Automated addition of Platelet Additive Solution (PAS) simplifies overall platelet procedures

The Intersol PAS is a nutrient medium that replaces a portion of plasma used to store platelets. Platelets stored in InterSol Solution contain ~65% less plasma than conventional platelets. Plasma replaced by InterSol Solution may be collected for transfusion.

InterSol Solution is used as a storage solution for platelet concentrates. It is not for direct intravenous infusion. InterSol Solution has no pharmacological effect.

Donor Management

Thoughtful design and exceptional performance come together

  • Saline prime and infusion
  • Disinfection timer
  • Intelligent Flow Control (IFC)
  • Built-in pressure cuff
  • Numerical flow rate control
  • Donor indicator lights